Monday, November 24, 2008


Baby Jude was dedicated sunday at Destiny Church.
It was a great experience to have so many people praying for your child.
It is awesome to be a part of Destiny Church and Randi and i can not wait to get more involved at the church.

Jude was great when he was up on stage, we had two children next to us crying and Jude was smiling and laughing. It was pretty funny to see. He had a great time up there and then had a great time afterwards when we went over to grandma Susie's place for Thanksgiving.

Jude was awesome on Sunday!

Thanksgiving over there was a wounderful time. Randi and I had a whole lot to eat, the food was terrific and it was good seeing Jessie, Steffie, and Andrew again. The holidays are great and we hope everyone else is having a good time too.
We are thankful for our Family and our Friends.
God Bless.

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