Monday, November 24, 2008


Baby Jude was dedicated sunday at Destiny Church.
It was a great experience to have so many people praying for your child.
It is awesome to be a part of Destiny Church and Randi and i can not wait to get more involved at the church.

Jude was great when he was up on stage, we had two children next to us crying and Jude was smiling and laughing. It was pretty funny to see. He had a great time up there and then had a great time afterwards when we went over to grandma Susie's place for Thanksgiving.

Jude was awesome on Sunday!

Thanksgiving over there was a wounderful time. Randi and I had a whole lot to eat, the food was terrific and it was good seeing Jessie, Steffie, and Andrew again. The holidays are great and we hope everyone else is having a good time too.
We are thankful for our Family and our Friends.
God Bless.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Jude was so excited to see Sam and Anna.
Anna was Randi's maid of honor in our wedding and best friend. Sam is one of Collin's close friends as well.
Sam was so excited to hold jude and feed him. Jude was excited to be fed by Sam, he told me!
We didn't know Sam was such a child lover but he really is and Anna is great with baby Jude.
We had a fun time like we always do with those two and we are so excited for them.

Sam and Anna are getting married on Mine and Randi's one year anniversary!

We are both in the wedding and we couldn't be happier to share in this monumental moment in their lives. Jude will most likely be at the wedding as well, at least Sam wants him there!

All is well and dandy on the home front!

Love you All.

-Daddy C.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jaundice? What Jaundice?!

Today we received a great phone call from our pediatrician saying that his numbers went down again. Jude's Jaundice level was at a 12 and now went down to an 11. They said with this rapid decline he does not need assistance from a machine anymore to help the level go down. YEAH!

That means we can actually hold him now instead of him being attached to a dumb machine. 
The jaundice put up a good fight but I'm glad for it to be leaving, and so is Mom.

Other than that he is doing great.
He is active with Mom and Dad and he loves his clothes that everyone bought him. He sleeps during the day and stays up at night but hopefully Mom and Dad can work that out and get him on a schedule that's better for them. 

Well that's it, He's a great baby and we love him a lot.

Friday, September 12, 2008

How We Picked His Name

There is a short story to how we picked Jude for his name. No we didn't listen to the Beatles song and name him after it. AAAGGGHHH. Don't ever ask us that if you see us in person, because if you read this you should know better. 

Anyways, this year has been a very challenging year for Randi and I. We've had many things that could have weighed us down but we have fought through them and because of those challenges we have become stronger. I hate to tell you that one of those challenges for Randi and I was the passing of her Grandfather (Paw Paw) Julian and her Grandmother (Maw Maw). This was very hard for Randi because she had lived with both of them for almost her whole life. They were very special and meant a lot to her. It was challenging for me as well as i got to know the both of them and grew to love them.

Randi and I had already agreed on Jude Amadeus Loveless, but in Honor of her Paw Paw  we decided to name his first name Julian.  So his full name is 
Julian Amadeus Loveless,
but we will call him Jude.
We thought of the name "Jude" because of the book of the bible. Jude means "The praised one".
Amadeus came from the baby book because it means "God's Love". 
Loveless came from my last name.

So that is the short story of why we named him Julian "jude" Amadeus Loveless. 

We praise God for blessing us with Jude, and we thank him everyday for His love.
-Daddy Cojo

Photo's Of JUDE!

These are the Photographs of BABY JUDE!

Photo's 2

Baby Jude update

Hello Dear family and friends!
Here are some more pictures that you can view of our new family. Most of them are of Jude because he is probably the main reason why you are at this Blog!

As you all know Jude has jaundice, but because of your prayers and some help from mom (Randi) and dad (Collin) his jaundice is going down. The pediatrician called us on Thursday and said that his jaundice level went from a 14 to a 12 and she expects things to only keep on getting better. Yeah!

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and love.
We love you all and we will keep updating this so that you will always be in the loop of what is going on in our lives.

Enjoy the pictures.

-Daddy Cojo